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Center For Advantage is an education company that offers tools for applying the fundamentals of sales, innovation, and security. The core products are three card decks used for training, planning, and generating ideas:

1.        The Sales Strategy Fundamentals
2.        Innovation Planner Card Deck
3.        Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck

Each card on the three decks describes a universe principle of the corresponding discipline and why the principle works. Physical cards offer the tactile benefit of holding an idea in hand. The power of the cards rests not with the individual ideas presented, but in their limitless combinations.

The three card decks and associated materials have been vetted by top authorities in the respective fields, such as the founders of the IBM Sales School, the National Defense University, and scientists from Ideation International. Noted customers include, but are not limited to: Intel, Sandoz, Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, Sandia National Labs (Cyber Security), the National Defense University, and the United States Special Operations Command. The Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck has a large customer base of litigation attorneys.
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