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Robert Cantrell, the author, is a professional strategist with nearly two decades of sales experience

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52 Fundamental Strategies Every
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"A creative and clever idea.  An outstanding product."

F. G. (Buck) Rodgers - Corporate Vice President IBM Sales & Marketing (Ret.)


“The Sales Strategy Fundamentals is an excellent tool for improving sales performance.  It takes users right to the heart of professional selling and presents the skills needed to succeed with exceptional clarity.”

Brian Lambert, CEO of the United Professional Sales Association




The Sales Strategy Fundamentals is a card set of winning sales strategies designed to sharpen the selling skills of any professional with a product or idea to sell.  It is also a playing card deck made from casino grade card stock.  The Sales Strategy Fundamentals is a review and instructional tool that makes sales training easy, fun, and as rigorous as it needs to be.  It is designed for both individual and group use. 


The ability to sell is the most important skill to have in any profession that involves person-to-person interaction.  No one does anything until someone sells something.    

Every sale is made up of a series of fundamentals leading from first contact to the closed sale.  Knowing and using these fundamentals is the key to sales success because they keep you in control of the sale.  The better your command of the sales fundamentals, the more likely you are to succeed at sales.

No other product on the market makes the fundamentals of sales so clear and easy to practice as The Sales Strategy Fundamentals.  It is the ultimate "How To" sales tool that translates individual enthusiasm into real results.

If these cards, for whatever reason, do not meet your expectations, you may return them for a full refund of the purchase price.


The Sales Strategy Fundamentals gets its inspiration from the famous football coach Vince Lombardi who said:

"Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals."

For the experienced sales professional, "fundamentals" does not mean basics.  Basics, such as showing up to a meeting with a prospective customer on time, are a given.  The fundamentals here are equivalent to the blocking & tackling in the football game Vince Lombardi coached.  They are the actions, such as overcoming objections, that must be executed perfectly to be great at your profession.  They are the skills you should review every day throughout your entire sales career.


The Sales Strategy Fundamentals was developed over the course of three years with input by leading sales professionals to include former instructors of the vaunted IBM Sales Training School.  It is certified compliant by the United Professional Sales Association.  The author, Robert Cantrell, is an active sales professional and strategist with nineteen years of experience selling throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.  He is a former infantry officer with the 101st Airborne Division who, early in his business career, had the opportunity to go through both the IBM Sales Training School and the Dean Witter Sales Training School, two of the best sales training programs any companies offer.  Robert has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services to corporations, private individuals, and both the US and UK governments.


Using playing cards as training tools is a proven format.  The military, where the idea originated, has been using playing cards as training tools for decades.  While in command of a TOW anti-tank platoon, then 1st  Lieutenant Robert Cantrell distributed decks of playing cards with friendly and enemy tank silhouettes on the faces to help his soldiers learn the most fundamental aspect of anti-tank success - knowing what and what not to shoot at - even during their down time.   The Sales Strategy Fundamentals borrows this highly effective concept for the sales professional in the business world and for the particulars of business sales training.  It is the second playing card training tool produced by Center For Advantage.  The first is the author’s Art of War: Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck that is in use at top military and corporate institutions to include the National Defense University and Hewlett-Packard.    

Representative content includes:

Card – Ace of Spades


Strategy – Reach an agreement that turns your prospect into a customer.

Basis – Your primary objective is to close the sale.

Sales Tip – Verify that your proposal meets your prospect’s requirements before you attempt to close the sale.

 Card – Queen of Hearts


Strategy – Gain the political support of insiders by giving them a stake in your success.

Basis – Influential allies can provide information, advice, and access key to winning sales.

Sales Tip – Support the best interests of your allies so it is in their interest to support yours. 

Card – Nine of Clubs


Strategy – Seek a commitment that benefits both you and your prospect.

Basis – Relationships without commitment and mutual benefit often prove unstable and short.

Sales Tip – Create value that makes the cost of switching too expensive to consider.

Sample Cards

Don't practice on your prospects and customers!  Practice here first so you never need to ask for a second chance.


Product Made in the USA

Cards written and designed at Center For Advantage of Arlington, VA

Cards made by Carta Mundi of Kingsport, TN

Cards distributed by Atlas Books of Ashland, OH



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