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United Professional Sales Association

The United Professional Sales Association (UPSA) is a non-profit 501(c)6 trade association headquartered in Washington DC.

The United Professional Sales Association is an association of professional sales people that has a mission to define what the sales profession is.  Sales, unlike other professions, does not have rigorous standards along the lines of legal, accounting, or project management, that customers and prospective employers can use to measure sales professionalism.  Although employers have their own ways of vetting out who they should hire and who they should not in sales, even the best methods are not foolproof.  Customers are often "stuck" with whoever they get from the organizations that sell what they want. 

Quality and professionalism in sales varies widely.  On the high end, many people who want to make it to the top in business start with sales because it is so important to overall business success and can lead to C level positions or entrepreneurial success.  These people can prove phenomenally helpful.  On the flip side, many people who have no other skills go into sales because that is "all that's left open."  Although many of these people also go on to be very successful and helpful, just as many prove decidedly unhelpful.  The United Professional Sales Association is oriented around serving those with a professional mindset, from wherever they come from, and offers a certification that is not only educational, but tells people they are working with a real professional.

The United Professional Sales Association freely circulates a universal selling framework to those individuals and companies interested in understanding the universal tenets of professional selling.  This is titled the Compendium of Professional Selling.  Whereas The Sales Strategy Fundamentals is a commercial product that focuses on the "how" of selling, the Compendium of Professional Selling is an association product that focuses on the "what" of selling.  Both publications complement each other.

Click here to download the Compendium of Professional Selling.

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