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hand arthritis pdf

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When Acrobat sends only the currently visible pages of a PDF to the memory buffer, the assistive technology has access to those pages only

You can use thumbnails in the Page Thumbnails panel to change the display of pages and to go to other pagesThe red page-view box in the page thumbnail indicates which area of the page appears

hand arthritis pdf

You can resize this box to change the zoom percentageTo display the Page Thumbnails panel, click the Page Thumbnails button or choose View > Show/ Hide > Navigation Panes > Page Thumbnails To jump to another page, click its thumbnailAutomatically scroll through a document Automatic scrolling advances your view of the PDF at a steady rate, moving vertically down the document

hand arthritis pdf

If you interrupt the process by using the scroll bars to move back or forward to another page or position, automatic scrolling continues from that point forwardAt the end of the PDF, automatic scrolling stops and does not begin again until you choose automatic scrolling again

hand arthritis pdf

Choose View > Display Options > Automatically Scrolling

Press Esc to stop scrollingIf your system is slow to display image-intensive pages, deselect this option

Use Smooth Zooming (Windows only): When deselected, turns off animation effects, which improves performanceShow Art, Trim, & Bleed Boxes: Displays any art, trim, or bleed boxes defined for a document

Show Transparency Grid: Displays the grid behind transparent objectsUse Logical Page Numbers: Enables the Number Pages command for matching the position of the page in the PDF to the number printed on the page

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