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Why would you need to convert something to PDF? The number one reason to convert something to PDF is to gain the format’s ease of use across all platforms

If you are familiar with Group Policy Preferences, then you know what value it bringsIt allows you to granularly specify the conditions for which a policy will be delivered

pdf reader dark mode

If you noticed, the Item Level Targeting button in the lower left-hand window of an earlier display image, you can use Item-Level Targeting to assign this and other policies according to IP subnet, device form factor, operating system, etcFor this scenario, I am going to choose File Match as the condition to target as is shown belowItem Level Targeting for PDF files Using the File Association Wizard Our next step is a wizard

pdf reader dark mode

It will prompt us to browse to the executable file of the particular PDF Reader application I want to matchIn this case, we selected Adobe Reader

pdf reader dark mode

Once we complete that task, we use the same approach for Acrobat Writer

But what if I don’t have that application on my management machine? It would be cumbersome of course to install every application used throughout my organization on my computerImage titled Convert Excel to PDF Step 18 9 Click EXPORT

It's the blue button at the top-rightThis prompts you to save your new PDF to your computer

If the download doesn't begin automatically, choose a location to which you'll save the PDF, and then click Save to download itMethod 3 Using Excel for Mac Image titled Convert Excel to PDF Step 19 1 Ensure that the headers and footers on all of your sheets are the same (optional)

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